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  • Batch Coding Machines

  • Handy Coder
    Handy Coder
  • Hand Batch Coding
    Hand Batch Coding
  • Motorized Coding Machine EMCC
    Motorized Coding Machine EMCC
  • Description :
    With the assistance of our competent workforce, we have been committed to manufacture, supply and export tough built Handy Coder. This coder is widely used for engineering and automotive applications. Our offered coder is engineered by incorporating advanced technology and machinery so that the final output meets with the international quality levels. This coder is made available in different models and specifications that clients can avail as per their needs. We carefully deliver this Handy Coder with the help of our reliable logistics personnel within the promised time frame.

    Features :
    - Handy and portable.
    - Provided with grooves which enables rubber stereo easily fit on it.
    - Self inking
    - Economy in terms of impression and cost of machine.
    - Easy to handle.
    - Maintenance Free.
    - Uniform printing on Corrugated Box, Poly Bags, Wooden

    Specifications :

    Product Name Handy Coder
    Specifications Value
    Model Handy Coder
    Printing Area 95*350
    Prints Using Easily Changeable Grooved Rubber Stereo (3mm to 39mm)
    Inking Medium Rechargeable High Capacity Porous /Non Porous ink Cartridge
    Printing Medium Porous/Non Porous ink (Black, Red, and White etc.)
    Impressions 1, 000 per Charge of 10ml/ 20ml/ 40ml
  • Description :
    These Manual Coding kits are like mini printing shop in your office or factory. Make your own instant rubber stamps whenever you need it. The message to be printed is very easily composed by just push fitting the grooved stereos (easily changeable) on to the groove base mat. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable felt pad, which is fully enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces. When you press on the handle, the print head slides outside for coding / printing onto the product & on release, rotate & slides back into the housing for inking.

    Features :
    - Very low cost system for small quantity printing or as standby for semi-automatic and automatic machines.
    - Different models with plain & dot matrix (inkjet) stereos, manual inking / auto inking in Plastic or Metal & models for curvature printing

    Specifications :

    Product Name Hand Batch Coding
    Specifications Value
    Model Hand Batch Coding
    Printing Area 60*30 mm
    Prints Using Easily Changeable Grooved / Flat, Rubber/ Nylon Stereo (3mm to 39mm)
    Inking Medium Special rechargeable ink pad / felt pad
    Printing Medium Quick drying liquid ink (Black, Red, White*, Golden*, etc.)
    Impressions 15,000 per 10 ml. charge 10,000 per 60 ml. charge
  • Description :
    This is a reliable & versatile BATCH CODING MACHINE. This innovative system is designed with criteria of - EASY TO OPERATE, VALUE FOR MONEY - CODING SYSTEM. It operates on a micro-processor based system & is easy to learn and less complex to operate. This EMCC-3550 coder is for manufacturers/packers of packaged goods to print Batch No, Date of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information?s on various packing, containers, labels, cartons, pouches of etc. It has been specially designed to be user friendly, low maintenance, and to work on universal packaging surface. This excellent coder replaces manual roller coders, labour-intensive marking systems, self-inking coding devices and other conventional machines. It gives bigger printing area up to 50 mm and so can easily have 4-6 lines of printing on various packed goods.

    Features :
    - Suitable for all manual & automatic coding on various packing.
    - Compact design makes it easy to install where space is limited.
    - Motorized intermittent reciprocal contact coder so no requirement of Air supply.
    - It can also be installed in various pos
    Specifications :

    Product Name Motorized Coding Machine EMCC
    Specifications Value
    Model EMCC
    Printing Size 35 mm x 50 mm (other sizes can be manufactured on demand)
    Printing Speed up to 100 prints/minute, or depending on machine set-up conditions. Higher speeds are available as well.
    Printing Method Ink transfer by flexor types Grooved / Flat stereos- 3 mm size or other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type.
    Printing Media: Anti Freeze fast drying? liquid Ink.
    Inking System Inking cartridge made from specially imported material to release the right amount of Ink per each impression.
    Power Supply 230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 HZ, Single phase.
    Ink Charge 5-10 ml, ink per charges, gives 10,000 to 20,000 impressions depending on size of markings

  • Batch Coding Machine

  • High Speed Batch Coding Machine IM 380 Hot Ink Roller
    High Speed Batch Coding Machine IM 380 Hot Ink Roller
  • High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSLC 200 For Labels
    High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSLC 200 For Labels
  • High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSCC 300 For Cartons
    High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSCC 300 For Cartons
  • Description :
    We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Batch Coding Machine that are a compact online automatic ink coder, which are designed to print details like price, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date etc. Moreover, the batch coders are suitably modified to include personalized details, certain types of cases and other specifications. The easily removable ink system is totally enclosed to ensure minimum ink evaporation and dust contamination. Speed of coder is synchronized by the parent machine motion.

    Features :
    - Requires minimum energy for the smooth and efficient operation.
    - Optimum operational efficiency and longer operational life.
    - Designed with high precision and are easy to handle.
    - Rugged design with user friendly operation.
    - Low maintenance

    Specifications :

    Product Name Handy Coder
    Specifications Value
    Model IM-380
    Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50
    Power(W) 180
    Ink roller size(mm) 35 * 32
    Printing Speed(pcs/min) 100
    Object size(mm) L:50-500 W:30~300
    Type Number T Type(10.5PT):11 Lines, Max.10 Types/Line, R Type(10.5PT):8 Lines, Max.8 Types/Line
    Printing Type Solid Ink coding
    Type size (mm) 3 * 3(10.5PT)
    Dimension(LXWXH)(mm) 440 * 465 * 300
    Net weight(kg) 26
  • Description :
    It is mandatory for manufacturers of packaged goods to code information"s like Batch No., Date of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information on various pickings, PCS Coding Machines are the best options for Coding on plastic, HDPE bottles, pouches, tin containers, woven sacks, paper etc. The machine is compact & consistent in printing quality. It is easy to install & operate & has rugged powder coated metal body.

    Features :
    - It is electro mechanical fully automatic high speed coding system.
    - Once stacks the labels / cartons in order on sloping plane tray (Dispenser) for feeding.
    - Its automatically Packed up by rubber friction insert, fed to printing one by one via guide
    Specifications :

    Product Name Hand Batch Coding
    Specifications Value
    Model HSLC- 200
    Substrate Labels / Pouches
    Max. Substrate size (mm) 204 * 154
    Min. Substrate size (mm) 50 * 16
    Supply Voltage 3Ø 440 V ac ± 10 %, 180 W
    Printing Area 6 to 8 lines ( 57 * 200 mm)
    Printing Speed 125 / 180/ 250 imprints/ min.
    Prints using Easily Changeable grooved/ flat, rubber/ nylon stereos
    Inking Medium Rechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ lapping roller for paste
    Printing Medium Quick drying ink/ Paste (Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.)
    Impressions 15,000imp. per 20 ml. charge / 10,000 per 10 gm. Paste
    Geared Motor 400/ 440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P.136 RPM geared head motor
    Weight 85 Kg (Approx.)

  • Ink Jet Printer 7900
    Ink Jet Printer 7900
  • Jet Printer
    Jet Printer
  • ERCC Printer
    ERCC Printer
  • Description :
    We offering a coding solution with up to 3 lines of text, graphics and logos as standard, with up to 5 lines available if required, the Linux 7900 represents an advanced continuous ink jet printer. Linux Insight? software also helps you to take more control of your production line. With Insight? you can download or upload messages from a PC to the Linux 7900, and even monitor it from you smart phone, all you need is internet access and an Ethernet connection to your printer. And Linux Insight is included with the printer at no extra cost.

    Features :
    - Ethernet port.
    - 3 line printing.
    - Data Matrix 2D codes
    - RS232 connectivity.
    - External single stage alarm output.
    - Connectivity for product detectors and shaft encoders

    Specifications :

    Product Name Ink Jet Printer 7900
    Specifications Value
    Model 7900
    Print head with 2M conduit, standard MK7
    Print head/conduit options 4M, 90D,Short Reach 90D
    Max lines of print 3 standard, 5 optional
    Character Height Range 0.04" to 0.54"
    Max speed single line print 1,230 fpm
    Ink Range Dye Based, Pigmented with Spectrum
    Automatic date codes, sequential numbering Yes
    Timed messages Yes
    Graphics/Logo printing Yes
    Barcodes, common linear and 2D Data matrix Yes
    Memory capacity (number of messages) 999
  • Description :
    Jet Printer is based upon Reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high fast printing, exceptional value and ease of use. Jet Printer is ideal for printing labels and for all cartons in food and pharmaceutical industry.

    Features :
    - HP TIJ 2.5 technology.
    - Easy to integrate and use- Load print job from USB-key
    - Built-in sensor
    - 1/2" print height
    - Prints with multiple dpi options
    Specifications :

    Product Name Jet Printer
    Specifications Value
    Model Jet Printer
    Print Frequency 15 KHz
    Print height Up to 12.7 mm
    Print Head 1 pen integrated
    Print Distance 0.5-0.2 mm (nozzle to print surface)
    Voltage 15v (Power Supply)
    Design Software Micro Draw (for window in PC)
    Memory 1 Print job in unit
    Print Features Left/Right, Upside/Down
    Max. Speed 76M/Min., 250Feet/Min.
    Max. Length 2400px
    Weight 0.53 kg/1.17lbs
  • Description :
    3535 ERCC PLC based fully automatic, ELECTRONIC ROTARY CONTACT CODER is suitable for registered printing & coding statutory information on various packing"s.

    Features :
    - The EMCC is truly operator friendly coder. It comes with PLC which provides guidance for Quick operation.
    - This is portable compact & easy to install. It has printing capabilities of 1 to 4 lines of variable information. (i.e. max size 35 mm x 35 mm)
    Specifications :

    Product Name ERCC Printer
    Specifications Value
    Model ERCC
    Printing Method Ink transfer by flexor type grooved/flat stereos, 3 mm size or any other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type & can be changed on demand.
    Printing Area 35 mm width 180 mm (max) vertical
    Ink Cartridge high quality special ink cartridge is used to release the appropriate amount of ink for each fine impression which is easy to mount & long lasting in normal use.
    Ink Charge 5-10 ml per charge. Give"s up to 30,000 impressions per charge depending on size & speed of marking.
    Motor Hybrid type DC stepper motor
    Supply Voltage 230v AC+-10%,50 HZ
    Proximity Switch Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Zero Marker Input)
    Eye Marker Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Print Input Signal)
    Weight Printing Head 2 kg,PLC-3 kg

  • Printing Coveyor Con 3015
    Printing Coveyor Con 3015
  • Description :
    Printing conveyor is used for transporting sheets, envelopes, tickets, labels, open boxes, cartons, and more allied products. This machine shows a perfect mix of mechanical parts, compact & rugged construction and effective conveyor technology. Also, our Inkjet Conveyors are assembled to impart convenience, systematic working and reliability. They also offer proper control, speed & regulation in the application.

    Features :
    - Simple adjustment.
    - Easy To Move.
    - Compact Design
    - Excellent Speed
    - Minimum Noise
    - Stainless Steel Components

    Specifications :

    Product Name Printing Coveyor Con 3015
    Specifications Value
    Model Con-3015
    Voltage 220v/50Hz
    Length (m) 1.5
    Conveyor Width (mm) 300
    Conveyor Speed Variable
    Body SS Type

  • Batch Printing Ink

  • Batch Printing Ink For Pouch and Plastic jar
    Batch Printing Ink For Pouch and Plastic jar
  • Batch Printing Ink For Porous
    Batch Printing Ink For Porous
  • Ink Aid
    Ink Aid
  • Description :
    Specially formulated inks for marking & coding on surface like tins, glass, plastic, laminated cartons, metal. This ink is used for coding various statutory information?s like batch no. , exp date:, mfg date: m. R. P. Rs. (inclusive of all tax) & etc.This ink is quick drying with sharp and clear impression on non-porous surface like hdpe bags, plastic, metal, aluminium, glass etc. Available colours: Black, Violet, Blue and Red. Pack size: 1Ltr only

    Features :
    - Permanent Marker Ink.
    - Pad Printing Ink.
    - Capsule Printing Ink

    Specifications :

    Product Name Batch Printing Ink For Pouch and Plastic jar
    Specifications Value
    Size 1Ltr
  • Description :
    Specially formulated fast drying inks for marking on absorbable surface like carton, wood box, shippers, asbestos, plywood, drums, etc, it gives a very clear impression without smudging. Available colour: Black, Violet, Blue, Green & Red Pack size: 1ltr.

    Features :
    - Permanent Marker Ink.
    - Pad Printing Ink
    - Capsule Printing Ink
    Specifications :

    Product Name Batch Printing Ink For Porous
    Specifications Value
    Size 1Ltr
  • Description :
    Specially formulated solvent for diluting fast & slow drying ink. Helps in reducing the tackiness enabling the ink to be in liquid form which can be used on felt cartridges, cellulose fibre cartridges, blister cartridge and banax cartridges. It also increases the life of cartridges. Pack size: 1ltr

    Specifications :

    Product Name Ink Aid
    Specifications Value
    Size 1Ltr

  • Batch Printing Equipments

  • Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
    Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
  • Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
    Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
  • Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
    Rubber Stereo Flat / Grove / Polymer
  • Description :
    The clients can avail Rubber Stereos from us. These products are procured from trusted vendors and possess long life with reliability. We have Rubber Stereo in Groove, flat and Polymer with Alpha/Numeric Set by using easily changeable grooved/flat rubber/nylon stereos. We are the leading manufacturing of Rubber stereo in 1.5 mm ,2 mm ,3 mm , 4 mm , 6 mm , 8 mm , 10 mm , 14 mm , 25 mm , 39 mm and also mfg of all types of Strips in Hindi and English with and without groove in all above sizes

    Specifications :

    Product Name Rubber Stereo Flat/Grove/Polymer Rubber Stereo Flat/Grove/Polymer Rubber Stereo Flat/Grove/Polymer
    Specifications Value
    Model No. 3mm Per Set 8mm Per Set 14mm Per Set

    • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
      Thermal Transfer Ribbon
    • Ink Roller
      Ink Roller
    • Hot Ink Roller
      Hot Ink Roller
    • Description :
      Thermal Transfer ribbons are designed specifically to meet the challenges of flexible packaging applications. Featuring back coat technology, ribbons are optimized for use with printers, and when used together, the combination helps ensure fewer ribbon breaks, better print quality, optimized adhesion and the uptime performance your operation demands.

      Features :
      - provides for optimal thermal conduction for ink transfer and optimal code quality.
      - protects the print head
      - extends print head life.
      - helps to dissipate static charge (which can damage the print head and degrade code quality)

      Specifications :

      Product Name Thermal Transfer Ribbon
      Specifications Value
      Size 25mm,35mm (As Per Requirment)
    • Description :
      Our trade in a range of Ink Rollers using special imported bonded cellulose fibres. These fibres are solid, durable and porous structures with a high ink absorbing capacity, which reduces the frequency of re-inking. We offer these rollers in different sizes as per the requirement and demand of the clients.

      Specifications :

      Product Name Ink Roller
      Specifications Value
      Size OD-50mm, ID-10mm,Width-35mm
    • Description :
      Our Hot Ink Rollers have been specifically developed to produce high quality prints when used on all popular Hot Ink printing machines. We supply a wide range of grades, colours and sizes to suit the vast majority of applications. Use our easy selection filter to identify the hot roll product best suited to your needs. You can narrow your search selecting any combination of Printer, Outside roll diameter, roll width (or length), colour and grade

      Specifications :

      Product Name Hot Ink Roller
      Specifications Value
      Size 35mm


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