Hand Sealer Impulse Type SPS 600

The Hand Sealer is an extremely simple and useful tool for all your packaging requirements. With the help of this equipment, thermoplastic products can be sealed with various packaging materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene bags. The Hand Sealer is ideal for the food industry because it was created exclusively for sealing food packing material. The Hand Sealer is an impulse sealer, making it portable and simple. This SPS600 model receives a sealing size of 600*1.6 (mm) and weighs only 6.60kg.

It is an incredibly simple device, popularly known as a Bag Sealer with a cutter, which makes it simple to cut the material so that it can be conveniently packed and sized. The minimum period necessary for sealing can be set according to the thickness of the packaging material. Also, this bag sealer can seal various plastic materials of varying thicknesses, making it adaptable and appropriate for various packaging requirements.

For any industry that seals bags or other packing materials, this Impulse SPS600 Hand Sealer is a must-have. It is perfect for household use, small businesses, and home-based enterprises. A dependable and affordable option, the Hand Sealer can ensure the safety and freshness of your products while saving time and money.


Model No. 600SPS
Power 240V*500W
Sealing Size 600*1.6 (mm)
Inch 24 Inch
Dimensions (L*W*H) in mm 720*85*155
Weight 6.60 kg


1.) Specific equipment for sealing food packaging material

2.) No technical knowledge is required to operate the equipment 

3.) The bag sealer features a cutter for optimal convenience

4.) The minimum time interval required for sealing can be set

5.) Seals different kinds of plastic material of high and low thickness

6.) Ideal for small businesses, home-based businesses, and even household use

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