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A Guide To Choose A Right Strapping Machine

A Guide To Choose A Right Strapping Machine
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A Guide To Choose A Right Strapping Machine

Date: 26-11-2021

Strapping is one of the most suitable packaging solutions for securing goods for transportation
and storage. A strapping machine can be used to secure everything, from fragile and delicate
products to burdensome loads. The parcels and items to be strapped are packed in cardboard
or plastics.
In this article, we’re going to talk about strapping machines, their types, their benefits, and the
the right type of strapping machine for your business.

What Is A Strapping Machine?

A strapping machine is a piece of mechanical equipment that wraps items or pallets in cabled
plastic or similar material and prevents the product from getting damaged in any way or falling to
pieces while in transit.
These cabled plastics or straps are high in high tensile strength and are highly stretchable.
These straps also have the ability to slightly absorb shock & recover. These come in a variety of
lengths, widths, thicknesses, and colors.

How Does A Strapping Machine Work?

A strapping machine uses either sensor to detect the presence of an item or it has to be fed to
the machine manually. The fed strap material is fed to the machine by a pulley system and
mechanical arms rotate the straps around the box.
Rotation of the item placed can be performed manually if it’s a manual strapping machine or can
be automated with a larger, and expensive automatic strapping machine.
Strapping machines are compatible with both mechanical parts and sensors.
What Are The Different Types Of Strapping Machines?
Strapping machines come in a variety of types and sizes.
● Manual strapping machines
● Semi-automatic strapping machines
● Automatic strapping machines
Let’s discuss these machines one by one.

Manual Strapping Machine

A manual strapping machine is generally a handheld machine that is powered by batteries and
can be easily used by workers. This machine is easy to use and is portable.

When To Choose: A manual or handheld strapping machine is good for small businesses that
have strapping rates of less than or equal to 50 straps per hour. This machine can be used to
strap items in mobile or fixed workplaces. They require less investment and hence is a good
way to strap boxes at a low rate.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

A semi-automatic machine requires some intervention from the operator who feeds the product,
presses the button to start the strapping operation, and then removes the strapped product
when one cycle is complete. The operator takes the free end of a strap that has been put out by
the machine, wraps it around the box, and manually introduces it into the strapping machine.
The machine automatically tightens the strap according to already defined tension and fixes the
ends.When To Choose: Semi-automatic strapping machines are good for medium volume business
that has a requirement of a strapping speed of 1 strap/1.5 second.

Automatic Strapping Machine

The fully automatic machine is the easiest and fast to use once they have been installed and set
up. With the predefined tension set, feed the item to the machine and the process of strapping
begins with the touch of a button. The package is fully strapped automatically, with the strap
tensioned and cut by the machine.

When To Choose: Automatic strapping machine is suitable for very large volume businesses
as the whole cycle gets completed in just 2.5 seconds.

Which Type Of Strapping Material Is Ideal To Use?

The strapping material should be of top-notch quality in order to provide the best security to
goods and packages from any kind of external damages.
Steel is one of the strongest, oldest, and has the highest tensile strength materials available for
strapping. It comes in different thicknesses and widths has a wide range of grades of steel.
Steel is used for cumbersome loads where high strength and minimal stretchability are desired.
This is the best choice for packages having sharp items.

Benefits Of Steel:


  • Best for transportation in hot climates.
  • Has high break strength.
  • Extreme durability and is UV resistant.




Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most commonly used strapping materials and comes in a
variety of widths and tensile strengths to fulfill your business needs.
It gives additional strength to the package and the embossed texture also reduces dust during
the strapping process.

Polypropylene is compatible with manual as well as automatic strapping machines. It is majorly
used for the following uses:
● Millwork
● Flooring
● Appliances
● Clothing


Polyester is the most used polymer strapping material, owing to its high tensile and durability. It
has replaced steel strapping in many industries. These factors make it a perfect choice to use in
the following industries:
● Medium and heavy-duty loads.
● Goods that have the tendency to expand or contract during climatic changes or shipping.
● Goods that are vulnerable to high impacts during shifting environments.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Strapping Machine?

Strapping provides excellent security to the products. With the right strapping materials, these
packages are held together and allow easy handling.
Strapping machines boost the overall productivity of your business by increasing efficiency.
These machines save a lot of money, time, and effort of human labor by redirecting your
workers’ energies to other areas.
The right strapping machine increases output by three to four times allowing you to expand your
business and decreasing the risk of damages in the warehouse.
Smart Packaging Systems offers a wide range of strapping machines and materials which are
easy to use & suitable for strapping packages.

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