Horizontal Pouch Sealing Machine

"Horizontal Band Sealer" As the name suggests- The Band seals the product horizontally. Let us understand how it works- one needs to set the temperature according to the compatibility of the product. If the sealing bag or other kinds of material is thick, set the temperature high. And if the material is thin, then set the temperature as low. The sealer has a PVC conveyor belt of width 200 millimeters that is capable of carrying weight up to 3 kilograms. This conveyor has a high metallic body. Thus sealing the product effectively. The band sealer machine also comes with the PID controller. Horizontal Band Sealer with PID controller seals all types of pouches including HDPE, LDPE, and PP. While

Horizontal Band Sealer without PID controller seals only laminated pouches.


Model No. 900 LW
Power(Volt*Watt) 220V*500W
Sealing Size in mm 12 mm
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 800*380*550
Weight 35kg
Max. Loading capacity 3 kg.


1. This sealer has an adjustable speed of up to 20 packets per minute.

2. This sealer is also compatible with different weights up to 5 kgs.

3. This machine is easy to operate. One can use it without having technical knowledge.

4. This machine feeds right to left.


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