Pouch Packing Machine SPGP 1000 For Powder/ Granuales


The SPGP 1000 pouch packing machine is an excellent investment for businesses needing to package various powders and granules efficiently. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry, this machine ensures high productivity and efficiency in output. Its user-friendly mechanism, adjustable operation, and easy maintenance offer a reliable solution for meeting production demands.


The SPGP 1000 operates at a speed of 30-70 pouches per minute, making it ideal for large-scale production. It comes in two variants - semi-automatic and fully automatic - providing flexibility based on specific requirements. The machine's adjustable mechanism allows for customization, ensuring optimal packaging of different materials. Its compact design and user-friendly controls offer ease of operation and maintenance.


Model No. SPGP 1000
Quantity to be Packed 3 gm to 50gm
Packing Size in mm (L*W) 40-120*20-160
Machine Speed 30-70 Pouches (Depends upon volume of material)
Dimension in inch (L*W*H) 0.75*0.57*1.76 Cu. Mtrs
Weight 300kg



Some of the features that make these machines for powder, a perfect choice for industries:


  • Produces 30-70 pouches per minute, catering to high-volume production needs.
  • Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic variants for flexible operation.
  • High efficiency and productivity, ensuring businesses can meet their production demands.
  • An adjustable mechanism for easy customization based on the material being packed.
  • User-friendly controls and easy operation, minimizing training requirements.
  • Easy maintenance with low maintenance requirements, maximizing uptime and productivity.

Easy to maintain, with low maintenance requirements

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