Automated Packaging vs Manual Packaging: Reducing Labour Cost

Automated Packaging vs Manual Packaging: Reducing Labour Cost
Date: 25-09-2021

Automated packaging vs manual packaging is not a new debate in the packaging industry. While automation sounds a bit complex, it's the manual packaging process that is practically complicated. Automated packaging requires only one machinist to operate the machine, while manual packaging requires an enormous amount of labor.


According to a recent study, labor cost was reported as nearly 65-70% of total business cost. It covers wages, taxes, and sometimes insurance. The better and hardworking laborers will require money that can be a concerning cost in the packaging industry.


Automated Packaging vs Manual Packaging

If you take a look, manual packaging seems inexpensive and fine for small-scale industries. But as you scale up your business and the demand for your products increases, the cost of your labor will also increase exponentially.


Manual packaging is a demanding process for the following reasons:


  • It becomes a huge challenge keeping the laborers engaged with your industry at low wages and unsatisfactory working conditions. Unhappy laborers can negatively affect the industry owing to a lack of motivation and financial aid.
  • Even if you keep your laborers financially secure, there are chances of human errors, and at times, manual labor might not be able to cope with the speed of any process equipment.


This is where automation in the industries becomes crucial. With automated packaging machines, there is an immense decrease in the labor cost, increased speed in the production line, and overall efficiency of the business increases. Let us look at the benefits of automated packaging one by one.


  • Re-directs The Talent Of Existing Manual Labour:

Employing automation in the packaging industry creates new jobs for already existing laborers. They can be coached to operate the machines, especially handheld packaging machines, or help maintain them. They can also be relocated to the departments where they can contribute more.


  • Increased Level Of Production:

One of the most impressive reasons to use automated packaging is that it yields maximum production each day compared to manual packaging. Be it a piece of heavy machinery, or a small handheld packaging machine they provide speed to the production line.


  • No Human Errors:

To err is human. Human error can contribute to more wastage, damaged products, and office space injuries. But thanks to automated packaging, machines are advanced enough to detect any errors and prevent them or warn about them.


  • Diversified Packaging:

Automatic packaging machines come in different variants such as portable packaging machines, handheld packaging machines, and semi-automatic machines. You can choose your type based on your industrial requirements. The different types of machines can be employed for various kinds of products.


  • Increases Customers' Trust:

Automation in packaging ensures very consistent packaging without any asymmetries or irregularities. It produces neat and crisp packaging that is visually pleasing to the eyes. Automation also provides packaging with accurate information about the products, which creates a good impression of the company or a brand.


Maximum efficiency at low cost is what automated packaging aims for. Though manual packaging may seem worthwhile when you are a beginner, it isn't a viable solution in the long run. It will soon lead to extra costs and other obstacles like inconsistency in packaging, lack of speed, and inferior quality. A simple handheld machine is a much reliable choice than a human.

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