Different Types Of Product Filling Machines You Should Know

Different Types Of Product Filling Machines You Should Know
Date: 28-06-2022

The filling machine is the best solution for the sealing and packing of products in the market. It has a high degree of automation, which saves labor costs and ensures quality. The filling machine is a good choice for manufacturers in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other industries.

The filling machine is one of the most important machines in your production line. It will help you to increase your production, promote sales and make a drastic change in your business. This article is based on different types of product filling machines you should know.


Types Of Product Filling Machines


They say that there's no such thing as a universal or one-size-fits-all product. And, this holds for filling machines too! Manufacturers offer different filling machines for different needs such as bottle filling machines, juice filling machines, powder filling machines, etc. Take the liquid filling machine, for instance. It's designed to suit the needs of industrial users dealing in liquids and is suitable for high-volume filling jobs hence improving their capability.


1. Liquid Filling Machine


These are filling machines used to fill beverages. It disperses the perfect amount of liquid to fill the bottles or containers, which is one of its greatest advantages.

Liquid filling machines, also called flow filling machines or water filling machines, are routinely used in the beverage industry. Be it any shaped and sized bottles, cartons, cans, or cups, it dispenses exactly the amount of liquid-based products required.




This type of filling machine works with a diverse range of liquids, including water, and alcoholic and carbonated beverages. It even finds its usage in packaging food items such as ketchup, ghee, cooking oil, soup, chutneys, and salad dressing.


Here are the most used bottle liquid filling machines:


2. Manual Liquid Filling Machines –


As implied by its name, this liquid filling machine requires no power and simply depends on human operation. It helps in increasing the accuracy, precision, and output speed of industry compared to pouring liquids manually. A manual liquid filling machine is employed in small-scale businesses or enterprises.


3. Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines –


It has a syringe, piston, and nozzle for a zero-drip function. A semi-automatic liquid filling machine can work with almost all kinds of liquid such as washing detergents and pharmaceuticals medicines. 


4. Fully-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines –


This type of liquid filling machine is employed in large-scale operations and high-production requirements, making it the most desirable choice for big enterprises. It can dispense all viscosity liquids and even liquids containing granulated substances.


5. Inline Liquid Filling Machines –


This machine disperses both low and high-viscosity liquids into jars and containers arranged in a single production line along with the conveyor system. It is utilized in pouring food, dairy, and beauty products.


6. Rotary Liquid Filling Machines –


As the name suggests these filling machines rotate containers along with different circular stations, each implementing a specific function in chronological order- filling, sealing, and capping. This machine is commonly used in the food, automotive, beverage, and personal care industries.


7. Piston Filling Machines –


This type of liquid filling machine accurately disperses products into bottles and containers. It finds its primary applications in filling substances that limited changeovers such as beauty industry, liquid detergents, and sauces.





Liquid filling machines find their applications in all sorts of liquids, including water, alcoholic and aerated drinks, sauces, salad dressings, and cosmetic industries.


8. Powder Filling Machines


These machines are built with spiral feeding technology, which allows for proper filling with zero drips. They are ideal for filling both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powdered and granulated items.

Granulated sugar and table salt are examples of free-flowing items. They are items that cannot retain their shape when subjected to external pressure. Powdered milk and brown sugar are examples of non-free-flowing items, that can keep their shape even after being compressed heavily.




They are utilized to fill jars and bottles of starch, beauty products, and pesticides. Certain food, refreshment, and synthetic industry likewise utilize this machine.


9. Granule Filling Machine


It's used to put granular substances in sachets and packets. This machine is built with more than one vibrating tray that carries items to a weight tub. The tub helps fill the container till the required weight is reached.




Certain products cannot be filled by powder-filling machines, hence in those industries, this machine is frequently used in place of powder filling machines. They are appropriate for filling granules that require precise measurements. It is widely used in the chemical industry for precision.


10. Capsule Filling Machine


This machine is exceptional because it fills containers by counting the number of pieces rather than the weight.




The pharmaceutical industry uses them for packing medicines. The machines can count gelatin capsules, whether they are soft or hard. This filling machine is also utilized in the food business, in addition to the pharmaceutical industry. It's also employed in the domains of agriculture, healthcare, and chemical engineering.


11. Gel Filling Machine


The gel filling machine is equipped with a pump head. It is capable of handling a wide range of substances effortlessly.




They are used to fill thick liquids like gels, creams, and lotions. The machine is also capable of filling water-thin beverages and paste products. These products include shampoo, hair gel, hair conditioner, cosmetic creams, thick sauces, honey, paste, cleaners, car wax, and more.


12. Bottle Filling Machines


Machines used for filling liquids, granules, or powders, particularly into bottles are called bottle filling machines. The bottle filling machines are the important pieces of equipment for the packaging process in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, agriculture, food, etc.

The use of automatic water filling machines and other filling machines contributes to the filling and measurement of various products. It is possible to pack a large number of containers of beverages and other items in significantly less time with them. It would be best if you remembered the details of the filling machines. Choosing and purchasing will be easier with this information. Choosing the right filling machine will help you work efficiently and effectively.

Smart Packaging Systems filling machine is the perfect solution for all your needs. It will accurately and efficiently fill your product with the right amount of liquid, powder, or other materials. It can also seal and package your products in a way that meets your specific requirements. With our filling machine, you can be sure that every product will be filled to perfection!



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