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How Can Oil Pouch Packaging Machine Increase Sales?

How Can Oil Pouch Packaging Machine Increase Sales?
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How Can Oil Pouch Packaging Machine Increase Sales?

Date: 17-12-2021

In the present scenario, increasing the sales and maintaining the image of your brand at every level in the market is all about how you work on the packaging and displaying your products. And if you are an oil manufacturer, an upgrade to advanced oil pouch packaging machines to pack these viscous products in various flexible pouch packages will attract your target audience, which in turn will increase your sales.


What Is An Oil Pouch Packaging Machine?


Pouch packaging machines clutches a pouch, fill it with fluids, and seal it. These machines can fill and seal the pouches at speeds of up to 150-200 bags per minute. This technique involves moving the bag or pouch in intermittent rotary positions to different heads that serve different tasks of filling and sealing the pouches.


What Are The Different Types Of Pouch Packaging Machines For Oils?


Pouch packaging machines are of two types:

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)
  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)

 VFFS is the more preferred technique for sealing oil pouches than horizontal seals.


Working Of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine


A vertical form fill seal machine is a piece of equipment with a vertical structure. It’s mainly used for large-scale business packaging as it ensures a more convenient and effective automatic packaging that saves time, cost, and material wastes.

The main components of the VFFS pouch filling machine will give a clear understanding of how this machine works.


Film Pulling System:


This system consists of a roller and tensioner. The rolling stock of film is a laminated PE, PET, or aluminum foil and is placed on the unwinding roller which is situated at the rear of the vertical seal machine. Using motors and the tensioner, the film is carefully unwound and is pulled into the system.


Printer (Optional):


Attaching the printer to the machine is an optional step. The film is passed by a printer where the date, manufacturing, and other information are printed on the surface.


Pouch Former:


 After printing, the film moves to pouch forming. The technique folds the edges of the films and shapes a pouch. Vertical and bottom sealing is carried by sealing jaws.


Filling & Sealing Machine:


The process of filling is carried by connecting the bagging machine to a multi-head scale or other filling equipment, like a volumetric filling machine. These two machines are electronically synchronized so that the product can be dropped in automatically, as soon as the pouch is ready.


Once the fluid or oil has been dropped into the pouch, the top is sealed by the sealing jaws. They press the parts of the film and weld them by heating and creating either a central or a side seal.


Pouch Cutting:


The filled and sealed pouch is cut off and the top seal on the first bag becomes the bottom of the next bag, and the cycle repeats. The cut pouch is either collected manually or passed through a belt conveyor that brings the pouch to the next step.


Control Panel:


On the side of this VFFS machine is a control panel. It contains all the electrical controls like PLC, PLC expand mode, low-pressure electrical parts, pneumatic cylinder, and valves. This panel makes operating and controlling the machine easier to operate.


Working Of Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine


Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines are packaging machines in which the filling and sealing process of a pouch occurs on the same equipment. The filling process takes place through the open-top part of the package and the sealing is done by either a heat seal method, ultrasonic or induction method.

The film moves through the machine in a horizontal direction, which gives the machine the “horizontal” in its name. This machine does all parts of manufacturing a complete oil pouch package, from film or laminate unwinding to pouch forming, filling, and sealing of the package. HFFS provides 3 filling methods as each fluid requires a different type of filling such as hot fill, ambient and ultra-clean.

 A benefit of HFFS is that it allows more flexibility in the sizes and shapes of pouches. It also provides the manufacturer or the operator with total control of their packing operation.


Importance Of Pouch Packaging Machines For Oils


There are undoubtedly many advantages of employing  pouch packaging machines for oils, but there are also important goals that can be achieved by using packaging machines that would increase efficiency and boost sales.


Protection Of Edible Oils


Packaging Machines can protect them in many different ways. It keeps the product safe from external damage during transit and other environmental aggressors.




A well-sealed product is a preserved product. A secure seal ensures protection from the outside atmosphere, especially the oxygen that serves as a good environment for microbes to break down many products. A sealed package makes the inside content fit and safe for consumption.




The presentation of the packaging has a crucial role in targeting the right audience. It helps to introduce your product to the consumer and make them understand your brand.

If you are looking for ways to speed up and level up your oil production and packaging, then an oil pouch packaging machine is a one-stop solution. And it is at your reach with our team of experts at Smart Packaging Systems. Kindly contact us to buy your oil packaging machine and we promise to live up to your expectations.


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