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Which Coding Machine is best suitable for your product?

Which Coding Machine is best suitable for your product?
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Which Coding Machine is best suitable for your product?

Date: 30-04-2022

Choosing the appropriate batch coding machine is the crucial factor for keeping products moving seamlessly through a supply chain. There are so many options available that it can be hard to decide which one you need.

Different industries require different kinds of batch coding machines that are capable of applying codes and print data to a variety of products and packaging. Other factors, like production line speeds and factory environment, also play a major role in determining which coding machine is best suitable for your product.

If you are looking to buy a batch coding machine but are overwhelmed by the different options advanced technology offers, this blog is here to help. Read on and discover the most efficient and cost-effective coding machine for your business.

In this blog, we will take you through details of all the different coding machines and how these apply to various industrial applications and products so you can make a perfect choice while choosing your batch coding machine.


Major Industries And The Best Suitable Coding Machine


Different industries have different requirements. Regulatory requirements, traceability needs, and the ability to effortlessly find out more about products are just some of the major reasons why batch coding is becoming increasingly important.

Hence this section will give you an insight into the most used batch coding machines in some major industries.


Manufacturing Industries


In this industrial sector, batch coding machines are being used for different products. This sector includes cables, wires, automotive parts, aerospace, and electronic components.

This industry requires the application of codes and information on curved or irregular surfaces, which can be achieved using non-contact batch printing machines. Non-contact batch coding machines include continuous inkjet (CIJ), thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers, and laser coders.

These no-contact batch coding machines replace complex manual printing processes with a speedier procedure.

Smart Packaging System’s inkjet printers have been made following the manufacturing sector coding requirements in mind. These are designed in a way that helps withstand rough conditions often found in production environments while still being able to print on different surfaces like wood and metal.


Food And Beverage Sector


Batch Codes are vital for manufacturers and sellers of food and drink products. Batch Codes will vary depending on the product being sold, but, it typically consists of numbers or letters that represent information about the product, such as expiration date, manufacturing date, origin location, lot number, etc.

For example, pad printing machines and inkjet printers are the perfect solutions for batch coding different food and beverage products and packaging such as plastic bottles, glass jars, and cardboard boxes. Thermal overprints are also an ideal choice for printing on flexible film packaging, cardboard, and water or oil pouches.

For other variety of food and beverages products, a non-ink-based batch coding machine may be the best solution. For instance, the beverage sector requires the printing of batch codes mainly on the bottom of cans and hence requires a coding machine capable of printing on foil seals, glass, and PET.

Hot Ink Rollers can also be a good choice for the food and beverage industry, especially if you deal in pouch packaging.




Batch code printers hold a critical place in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers need them to create labels with manufacturing dates, best before dates, anti-counterfeit Data Matrix codes, and regional legislative serialization codes.

Adding codes to pharmaceutical products is crucial because it prevents drug abuse, misuse by the public, and overprescription.

Thermal inkjet printers are non-contact ink coding machines that are efficient to achieve high-resolution printing at high speeds (up to 300-400m a minute). These are ideal for the mass batch printing of drug and medical products such as complex codes and other necessary information to comply with regional and global legislation.

Other suitable batch coding machines include handy batch coders and motorized coding equipment that find their applications in the engineering and automotive industries.

It is majorly used to print data on woven crates, sacks, boxes, and leather materials.


How Much Does A Batch Coding Machine Cost?


The cost of batch coding machines varies greatly depending on the type of industry you are working for and an individual factory setup. The type of printing technology required (say contact printing or no-contact printing) depends on several factors like the number of pieces of equipment, the number of products that need coding, and the scalability of your business.

In short, there should be a piece of precise information related to your requirements, for example- the number of codes needed, the initial setup cost, and the cost of running a machine over a specific period.


Final Thoughts


Industries rely on batch coding machines for efficient tracking of products. Batch Numbers are also capable of tracking products throughout production and distribution.

These particular machines give each unit a unique code so the consumers can trace back to the original manufacturer and even identify where the product came from if there has to be an incident that requires the recall of products.

Batch Numbers are also capable of tracking products throughout production and distribution.

Not only does this make tracking of faulty goods easier but, also makes withdrawal of the products simpler.

Smart Packaging Systems provides a diverse range of batch coding machines for many applications and industries.

If you are looking for a suitable batch coding machine, we have a solution for your business. From having a range of durable inkjet printers to high-speed, harsh environment laser marking machines capable of printing codes onto a wide range of surfaces, items, and materials. It includes glass, plastic, foil, PET, and metal.

 All of our batch coding machines can be easily integrated into your existing systems, and speed up the batch coding process.

Get in touch with one of our experts to select the most ideal batch coding machine for your business. We will guide you throughout the selection process to ensure that you find the perfect solution for your business at a feasible rate.






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