Why Should You Invest In A Carton Sealer- A Detailed Guide

Why Should You Invest In A Carton Sealer- A Detailed Guide
Date: 11-12-2021

Transport packaging has been growing rapidly across the globe. While manual methods such as tape sealing and glue may be a suitable fit for smaller orders and smaller businesses, large-scale businesses need something extra. Hence, we strongly recommend you invest in a carton sealer machine.


This detailed guide will tell you everything about the carton sealing machine starting with the basics.


What Is A Carton Sealer?


A carton sealer is a machine that seals the openings of cartons and boxes, hence ensuring the safety of your products from any kind of potential damage in transit. The carton sealer is also known as a case sealer.

Carton sealers are the need for an efficient and reliable packing solution in the distribution process. Without employing an effective carton sealing process it becomes difficult for a business to keep up with the supplies and demands of the market.


How Does A Carton Sealer Work?


The carton sealer works on two sealing principles:

  1. Tape Sealing
  2. Glue Bonding/Glue Sealing


Tape Sealing


The carton tape sealing machine uses an adhesive tape to seal the box or carton. It is a fast process and easy to implement. It finishes the process of the upper and down sealing at one go. The key part of the sealing machine is to drive the motor, the larger the motor, the better the power.


Glue Sealing


A not-so-common method, glue sealing or glue bonding is not known to many consumers. This principle is similar to the glue we use, but the only difference is in the type of glue this method involves. Glue sealing involves two types of glues: hot melt glue and cold glue.


  • Hot Melt Glue:

Hot melt glue either consists of ethylene acetic acid, or vinyl ester, or polybutadiene. As the name suggests, hot melt glues are applied in a heated state and are cooled, to get solidified in a few seconds, sealing the carton.


  • Cold Glue:

Cold glues are compounds of vinyl resin or dextrin. The cold glue works on the evaporation of water to solidify to provide an effective seal.


What Are The Different Types Of Carton Sealing Machines?


There are four types of carton sealers available in the market:

  • Uniform Semi-Automatic
  • Random Semi-Automatic
  • Uniform Automatic
  • Random Automatic

Each of the carton sealers caters to different needs according to your business.


Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer:


This carton sealer requires a human to operate the machine. This machine is adjustable to cartons and boxes of the same dimensions and styles.


Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer:


This machine is also operator-fed and automatically adjusts to different or random-sized cartons you want to seal. If you have different-sized boxes to process then a random semi-automatic carton sealer is what you need for your business.


Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer:


This machine requires no operator and is compatible with the same-sized boxes. These machines are required where consistent production flow rates are higher.


Random Automatic Carton Sealer:


This machine is also operator-free and can adjust to random dimensions of the cases. This machine automatically sequences the boxes and adjusts the length, width, and height of the boxes before employing sealing.


Should You Invest In A Carton Sealer? What Are The Benefits Of A Carton Sealer?

The answer is yes. If your business demands a good distribution process, then a carton sealer becomes a necessity due to the following benefits it provides:



  • This machine saves a lot on labor costs. Employing a semi-automatic machine can complete the process in 5 minutes compared to a manual hand taper.
  • It increases the overall productivity of your business.
  • It has a durable, reliable, and simple structure.
  • It is easy to operate as it needs only switching operations with minimal training costs.
  • The same machine is compatible with several tape widths, so less investment and greater return on investment.
  • It is compact, saves time and labor efforts.
  • It has low power consumption.


Simple Design

  • Due to the simple design, the machine becomes ready to use after installation.
  • It can be installed on optional casters, hence becoming easy to move.
  • Tape can be replaced easily as the machine comes with a side threading cartridge
  • It is safe and comfortable to use.
  • All the moving parts are easily accessible and replaceable.
  • The machine has no sharp edges.
  • The structure is robust and stable.
  • The steel frame acts as a shield and protects all the moving parts.



  • It is adjustable with the existing packaging line without needing any drastic changes.
  • It can accommodate different widths, lengths, and qualities of the tape.



  • The machine is low on maintenance as it doesn't have many parts vulnerable to wear and tear.


Secured Sealing

  • The machine offers a cleaner and neater way of sealing boxes.
  • The tape is always centered and is applied in a uniform fashion
  • The cartons are more securely sealed by using two wipe rollers, ensuring protection against any damage.


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