When was the company established?

How do you accept payments while ordering any packaging machine and its required accessories?

Smart Pack is tightly integrated with all the payment options one could access to during ordering their required machines and any other offerings. Be it Cash on delivery, Cheque any net banking option – (Credit/Debit card payment), Paytm, or any online transfer mode.

Do you offer second-hand packaging machines?

Talking about second-hand or good-quality used packaging machines, we tend to offer a few of them, considering some terms and conditions. According to availability and convenience, second-hand machines are delivered.

What bag types the packaging machine can pack?

Well, looking by the kinds of packaging machines we deliver, it comes out that the purchaser can access all kinds of bags and pack all ranges of bags as per their needs.

Do you offer packaging materials?

Yes, we do proffer a large variety of packaging materials like Packing Strip, Shrink Film, Aluminum-foil, Induction wad, Plastic Pouch, Stretch Film, BOPP Tape , Shrink Label etc.

What product types can your packaging machines pack?

We deliver end number of machines like Sealing Machine, Vacuum packing Machine, Shrink Wrapping, Stretch Wrapping, Strapping Machine, and Batch Coding that helps in offering the packaging solution for many kinds of the product in various industries like - Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Agriculture, Pesticides, Textile, Automobile, Furniture and Wooden, Electronic Component Manufacturing Industries, Ceramic industry, etc.

What are the delivery terms and conditions?

To be specific, once the order is placed and confirmed, we start the preparations for dispatch and delivery. If the required item is available in the stock then the delivery is done speedily else depending on the availability, the order can be dispatched.

Do you keep packaging machines in stock?

Yes, we do stock some of the packaging machines. You can find Hand Sealers, Food Sealers, Band Sealers, Vacuum Packaging Machines, Filling Machines, and so forth available almost every time with us.

Are the transportation or shipping costs included with the price of the machine?

The cost of a machine already includes many other miscellaneous production and trading costs which you won’t have to pay otherwise. Hence, we have not included transportation or the shipping cost with the price of the order placed. Well, not to worry, the shipping expense won’t cost you muc

What’s the warranty period of the packaging machines so ordered?

Usually, we provide a one-year warranty with a one-year repairing service free for the machine so purchased. You can also avail of many other benefits on up-front long-term commitments. if the service is required in a city other than Indore and Bhopal then the customer has to bring their product to our center or headquarters to get it repaired.

Are spare parts covered in the packaging machine delivery?

We proffer all types of spare parts for almost every kind of packaging machine but only a few of them are included while delivering a particular packaging machine like if you order band sealing or hand sealing machine then spare parts will be inclusive during their delivery.

For further insight, you can contact us.

What is the criteria for the training of packaging machine operation handled?

Here, the answer revolves around the location of where the packaging machine operation is to be handled. For cities like Indore, Bhopal, our machine technicians and handlers could reach out at the time of guiding about the setup settings or any other difficulty without any extra assets but if the setup location is different, , the extra fare or conveyance charges are applied, We also provide the training through Video Call ( No Extra Fare Require).

Is the packaging machine installed by your service technicians after its delivery to the customer?

Yes, we are highly responsible for the proper installation of the packaging machine but the installation charges do not come inclusive of the price of the machine ordered.

What are the specialized machines and materials you tend to offer?

We also design customized machines especially for the clients those who need them at specific purpose and time.

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