Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

An Semi Automatic  Strapping Machine  is a versatile piece of equipment for binding cartons, crates or other packages. It balances automated processes against user intervention and thus suits companies with moderate packing workloads or ones that handle different sizes of boxes.




Model SPS207
Strapping Speed (seconds) 1.5
Strap Width (mm) Jun-15
Strapping Force 450
Working Table Height (mm) 750
Power Source (V/Hz) 220/50,1/4HP
External Dimensions (mm) 900 * 580 * 750
Capacity Up to 1000 Box Per Day
Weight (kg) 110


1. Consumes less power ensuring more savings.

2. Minimum human intervention for enhanced quality.

3. It saves time and can seal up to 24 straps per minute.

4. Easy to operate, with advanced and innovative technology.

5. Easily movable as per convenience.

6. Robust structure, reliable performance.

7. Minimizes wastage of strapping films.

8. Improves the overall efficiency of the business.

9.) Suitable and safe for small-volume businesses.

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